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Dorries Insults Disabled, But Refuses To Apologise

The less than charming Tory MP Nadine Dorries has made a bid to outdo her 'handsy' male colleagues in the outrage stakes, with a tweet degrading people with learning difficulties.

Dorries has shown herself to be either uncaring, or at best ignorant, after she tweeted 'Window lickin' Twitter trolls out in force today'.

Unsurprisingly, she was immediately taken to task by disgusted Twitter users, as the term is a well known phrase used to insult or belittle.

She deleted the offensive tweet after just 11 minutes, but rather than apologising, she went on the offensive, actually chiding her detractors for presuming to rebuke her. Notable amongst these were Mencap, who criticised her for posting something so blatantly revolting. Nadine took offense and suggested the charity had been wrong to highlight her unacceptable behaviour...

Dorries claimed complete ignorance of the phrase as a derogatory term for the mentally disabled, saying she only knew of it in reference to online 'trolls'. Well as we're always keen to educate here at the Prole Star, here's a couple of the 60k plus results available if one Googles the words.

Presumably this 5-year-old incident, listed and linked on the Conservative Home website, had also passed her by - of course she may have been spending time at her luxury South Africa holiday home - or one of her other, taxpayer funded residences...

One has to wonder whether she actually expects the public to swallow the idea that the two words 'window' and 'licker' just popped randomly into her head, and were spewed equally randomly from her online mouth?

At time of writing, Ms Dorries has still not given a public apology for her comments. Disgusted social media users have launched an online petition, currently at more than 1000 signatures, demanding that Theresa May suspend and investigate her behaviour.

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