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"Let Them Eat Gruel": Poem Inspired by Isabel Oakeshott

“Let them eat gruel”, are the words of a fool, - or a person who just doesn’t care,

But many a monster has dressed as a clown, - so, the public had better beware.

In the interest of fairness, I peeked at your twitter.

Your words and demeanour seem twisted and bitter.

When you labelled a fan as a bit of a loser, - You showed yourself up as a bit of a user. To balance my view, - I admit I don’t know you, - You could be a saint on the quiet.

We all know that spouting out asinine views,

Are a great way for would-be’s to stay in the news.

Should you find a quiet hour in your ivory tower,

When you’re not out there dazzling the nation.

There are people who live on the edge of starvation,

Living lives which are tainted by foul desperation.

I assume you are hungry for world-wide attention.

And, to dampen your spirits is not my attention.

But learn about pity and hunger and pain.

Perhaps you won’t utter such drivel again?

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