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Committed Members Needed For Socialist Media Project

Just over twelve months ago, a group of people including myself came together to form a socialist blog named "The Prole Star". Since then we have had our articles shared by one of the editors of The Daily Mirror, several members of The House of Commons, and have even caused controversy with the right wing anti-Corbyn pressure group "Labour First". We were also recently voted one of the top 100 independent political blogs of 2017, and have a large and growing social media following.

We are looking for writers to get involved with our project, who want to gain recognition for their writing and find a voice. Before the last election 20,000 people viewed our blog in one month. The people involved in this project have backgrounds in law to logistics, so really anyone can get involved.

We have a clear strategy for taking this project forward and turning this from a small political blog into something much more influential. Other independent sources are now playing as large a part in political debate as the mainstream media.

The long term plan is to form a cooperative company owned and democratically managed by its membership. An organisation open for anyone to join which is firmly under the control of its grass roots members.

If you would like to get involved please get in touch. There will be online meetings held, but also meetings in Manchester where the plan for taking this forward will be discussed in detail.

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