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Instead Of Talking Brexit,   Let’s Talk Bilderberg...

The first official meeting of The Bilderberg Group was in Ooosterbeek Holland in 1954.Throughout the decades they have met in various locations.

Instigators of the first meeting included Polish politician Jozes Retinger, Prince Bernard of the Netherlands, Walter Bedall Smith of the CIA, and David Rockefeller. The US had 11 delegates at the first conference out of 61 overall. The first meeting in the USA was in Georgia in 1957, funded by the the Ford foundation, who also backed the 59 and 63 conferences. Every US president since Dwight D Eisenhower has been a Bilderberg member.

The group was named after the Hotel Bilderberg in Holland, and the group's headquarters is still located there.

Many of The Bilderberg members were responsible for initiating the 1957 Treaty of Rome.The European Union originates from the Treaty of Rome.

The Bilderberg group is one of the most secretive organisations in the world. It has unprecedented power, no accountability and is exempt from the democratic process.

It serves only the interests of the elite and huge global corporations.

The European Union, certainly, has its unelected bureaucracies.But in comparison The Bilderberg Group is one of the most corrupt organisations in the world!

The amount of influence this group commands should not be dismissed lightly.

Before becoming leaders, Tony Blair and Bill Clinton were members of this group.

Some might say they were primed to represent the global elite’s interest before becoming leaders.

Other politicians who were members of the Bilderberg Group before taking office include:

From the Bush administration

Richard Pearle.

Richard Armitage.

Colin Powell.

John Kerry.

Donald McCain.

Maybe it's pure coincidence.

But why were these individuals members of the Bilderberg Group before taking office?

George Osborne, Dennis Healey and Ed Balls have previously been guests at the Bilderberg conferences.

Influence in both camps some might say.

No parliamentary scrutiny.

No minutes made available to parliament of Bilderberg Group conferences.

Why are our elected representatives denied the right to discuss the activities of The Bilderberg Group?

Why is Bilderberg exempt from democracy?

All delegates who attend the Bilderberg conferences are sworn to secrecy.

The general public in the main are oblivious to the existence and activities of The Bilderberg Group.

In 2004 the BBC described The Bilderberg Group as follows.

"The elite coterie of western thinkers and power brokers.

The cream of the North Atlantic statesmen, royals, bankers, industrialists, pressmen, and generals, they meet annually to discuss world issues and select and invite favoured individuals for membership".

The World Economic Forum and the IMF like the EU originate from The Bilderberg Group.

The Bilderberg Group meet annually in a veil of secrecy. Representatives from the top 100 corporations rub shoulders with elected representatives from all over the world.

Millions of pounds are spent on security for the Bilderberg Group annual conferences.

Yet many mainstream journalists report the Bilderberg conferences as an informal meeting of the world’s elite, and conclude they are not really relevant to world affairs.

A rare article from the mainstream media which questions the Bilderberg aims and objectives from last summer’s conference.

The USA set up the Bilderberg Group.

The USA set up the IMF out of the Bilderberg Group.

The IMF headquarters are in Washington.

The USA set up the World Economic Forum out of the Bilderberg Group.

The USA set up The Treaty of Rome in 1957(EU) out of the Bilderberg Group.

Do we see a pattern here?

In a democracy why do groups like the Bilderberg Group have unprecedented powers?

The USA instigated CETA and the debunked TTIP through the back door of Brussels.

More secret trade agreements exempt from public scrutiny.

Thus giving more power over elected governments to the corporations.

The UK government signed up to CETA weeks after Brexit.

Canada and 28 EU countries signed up to CETA with the USA pulling the strings.

This European/US trade agreement makes an absolute mockery of Brexit.

The UK ruling elite are happy to make us exempt from the Brussels Workers Charter.

The UK ruling elite are happy to make us exempt from the European Court of Justice.

The UK ruling elite are happy to make us exempt from European Health & Safety regulations.

The UK ruling elite are happy to make us exempt from European food standard regulations.

But the UK elite are very happy to sign up to CETA.

They are content to rub shoulders with the world’s elite in the corridors of Brussels.

Why was CETA not discussed during the referendum debate?

With China and India commanding more trade through the World Trade Organisation/Forum the USA were not happy.

For decades the US dominated world trade.

All of sudden new players entered the equation.

All of a sudden the World Trade organisation meetings were adjourned by the US.

CETA and the debunked TTIP were from the US perspective the new fronts to control world trade.

A opportunity to cut these emerging economies (China and India) out of the equation by bypassing the World Trade Organisation. So the US got Brussels on board to implement these so called trade agreements through the back door.

Jeremy Corbyn was one of the few politicians to question CETA. and it's pitfalls.

From Washington to London via Brussels the world’s elite treat the masses with absolute contempt.

Let’s not talk Brexit, let’s talk Bilderberg.

A group which accommodates the elite, and safeguards world capitalism.

The international elite never wanted Trump or Brexit.

In the words of John Pilger

"Trump and Brexit were a product of a failure of world capitalism and the neoliberal agenda of austerity.

"Jeremy Corbyn's Labour is moving away from the neo-liberal path.

A new path is in transition.

A pathway that, maybe, will lead to socialism.

The worn out narrative of Brexit has lost its mojo amongst the masses.

Socialist ideas are now resonating in working class communities.

Let’s hope one day the masses will see the bigger picture.

Perhaps then, groups like the Bilderberg Group will become obsolete.

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