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Hasan Patel for Young Labour U19s Officer

The Prole Star is proud to endorse Hasan Patel in his campaign for election as Young Labour Under 19s Officer. Hasan turned 15 in December, and is a hardworking activist in his local area, Leyton and Wanstead in London.

His family are staunch Labour supporters, and Hasan decided to join and become active in the party because - well, in his own words:

“I joined the party last May during the general election campaign because I was inspired by Jeremy Corbyn’s message of hope, especially for young people. He’s a man of integrity. I’m active because I know I can make a difference, however small or big”

“I want a democratic, vibrant and autonomous young labour that works for the hugely increased membership. I never knew I would get involved with the party’s bureaucratic structures, but I’m standing for Young Labour U19’s Officer”

“I can see the damage the Tory government has done to my community through austerity, school funding cuts, youth centre shut down, more homeless on the streets, a foodbank opening next to where I live, and I want to change that - basically, we need to get them out as soon as possible, and I want to play a part in achieving that”

If elected, Hasan has a clear plan of what he would like to achieve as YL Under 19s Officer, to help make the party more welcoming and give more influence to its youth. He says:

“I would push for a 2nd NEC youth officer to represent all members and to push our interests within the party, so that it’s more representative of younger members, and work to launch an U19’s priority campaign with consultation from U19 members, particularly on issues which are important to them, for example votes at 16 and school/FE funding”

“I will try to support and campaign for young workers struggles, organising solidarity picket lines and educating members about trade unions, trade union recruitment drives and their rights at work”

“I would like to see a U19s Officer elected in every CLP and Young Labour group, make it compulsory to help the youngest members get active and not feel left out, because they can be nervous when they join”

Hasan, who is extremely active on Twitter as @CorbynistaTeen (well worth a follow!), also wants to increase youth activity to make the most of social media, where the Tories have proved sadly lacking, and create a network of Young Labour groups and full-time staff around the UK to support young candidates in local and national elections.

The Prole Star thinks that Hasan is a brilliant example of the young activists who will be the future of Labour, and he thoroughly deserves your vote.

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