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Here's To The State Of Tory Britain: A Homage To Phil Ochs

Inspired by Phil Ochs, and more recently the excellent @PardonUsBand, the Prole Star has a new set of lyrics for the legendary 'Here's to the State of Mississippi - entitled 'Here's to the State of Tory Britain'. But here's the thing - we can't sing - anyone who wants to, please feel free.


Here’s to the state of Tory Britain Where society is governed by the greedy not the wise And they ask us to believe their daily litany of lies To keep grasping Tory fingers in their greedy Tory pies CHORUS: Here’s to the land you’ve torn out the heart of Tory Britain find yourself another country to be part of And here’s to the government of Tory Britain A Cabinet of jokers picked for safety not for skill Propped up by Orange bigots who only cost £1 bill Sailing blindly into ruin ‘to enact the people’s will’ CH And here’s to the hospitals of Tory Britain Where undervalued doctors have to work in corridors Where the the sick are relegated to the carparks and the floors Delivered by the Tories into carpetbaggers’ claws CH And here’s to the schools of Tory Britain Where hardworking teachers are labelled biased and uncouth The government says they’re funded but they don’t tell the truth Where Tory cutbacks gamble with the future of our youth CH So here’s to the state of Tory Britain Where seven years austerity has ground the country down Where the Foreign Secretary is a foolish bumbling clown Where foodbanks are appearing every day in every town CH But here’s to the state of Tory Britain Where a little hope for better times is finally in view A future Labour government that actually works for you To build a fairer Britain for the many not the few

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