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Unite Statement On The Smear Attack On Jennie Formby By LAAS

This statement issued today (Thursday) by Labour Against Anti-semitism (LAAS) is a malicious smear against Jennie Formby.

Ms Formby served Unite with distinction as Unite Political Director. She successfully applied to be the union’s South-East Regional Secretary, and was never under any pressure to leave her previous post. She is as accomplished in her new job as she was in her previous roles.

A statement was issued to the media at the time of Ms Formby's move in 2016 to this effect so the reasons for her move are well-documented. Her application for her new job predated the debate on Labour’s NEC regarding the establishment of what became the Royall inquiry.

At that NEC discussion, Jennie Formby voted for Ms Jan Royall’s appointment, and argued for her inquiry to be properly resourced by the Party.

For LAAS to therefore continue to allege to the press and on social media that Ms Formby was `forced' to move and that this was in relation to alleged antisemitic comments is a lie motivated by hostility to anyone who supports the struggle of the Palestinian people for justice.

Ms Formby is a lifelong opponent of anti-semitism and all forms of racism. LAAS’s smears have no place in Labour’s democracy or political culture.


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