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More Libel From Tories? Javid Tweets Lies & Smears

A windfall could be on the way for a Bromsgrove foodbank after yet another Tory MP deliberately spread untruths and smears to attack Labour and Jeremy Corbyn, alleging he does not condemn antisemitism.

Given the housing crisis under his watch, one might be forgiven for thinking Theresa May's talking weasel Sajid Javid has more important things to do than embarrass himself on social media. Sadly not....

Yesterday he quoted a tweet referencing Alan Bull, accusing Labour of accepting a 'holocaust denier' as a candidate. At that time, Mr Bull had been under investigation for several days and had been suspended as a candidate - but this didn't stop Saj from spreading the smear, and adding a few words of his own.

Unsurprisingly, he was swiftly schooled in the error of his ways, but seemed unruffled and even pleased when told his behaviour was going to be reported.

Twitter users also highlighted that it is in fact the Tory party which has a problem with antisemitism, citing several examples and pointing out that unlike Labour, they have no specific policy to deal with the problem.

The constant faux outrage from Tory MPs crying 'but antisemitism' in increasingly desperate attempts to undermine Labour and deflect attention away from the real poverty and suffering their government is causing is getting really old - and has infact lost any significant effect on the electorate. It appears impossible for the Conservative brain to process the idea, but you really can't fool all of the people all of the time.

However when MPs make potentially libellous statements like this outside the protections of parliamentary privilege, action needs to be taken. The Prole Star has reported the tweet as hate speech and targeted harassment, and will be asking Tory Chairman Brandon Lewis what action he will take against Mr Javid, in light of his clear breach of the increasingly laughable 'Respect' pledge

Despite having been roundly condemned, and left in no doubt of the facts regarding Mr Bull, rather than delete his offensive tweet, he compounded it today with another spouting the same nonsense.

The Prole Star will be happy to take his suggestion on board and ask Labour MPs for their responses - which we suspect will be complete condemnation of him.

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