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AmsTrash: Tiny Tat Tycoon Tweets Toxic Tripe - In Tax Terror?

Pint-sized turncoat 'Lord' Alan Sugar got himself into a man-sized row over Easter, following a grossly offensive tweet showing Jeremy Corbyn in a car with Hitler, accompanied by the words 'Many a true word said in jest Corbyn'.

He was roundly condemned for the revolting post, which he - some time later - deleted following an online request from John McDonnell.

Interestingly, he asked Mr McDonnell to follow him so he could send direct messages - almost as if he was worried about their exchanges being in the public domain. At time of writing it does not appear Mr McDonnell has accepted his invitation.

Sugar was less conciliatory with Chris Williamson, who he blocked after the Derby MP demanded he apologise for his tweet.

No apology was forthcoming. But less than a day later, he compounded his initial insult by attacking a female Labour councillor who - as is widely known - made the mistake of becoming involved with a far-right group more than 30 years ago. Margaret Burke has made no secret of her past, which she deeply regrets, and has said her work for her community since being elected in 2012 is a way to make amends.

“All this was 30 years ago and in those days I was a brainwashed idiot - I should have known better and I have regretted it my whole life. Working for the community now is my way of making up for what I did.” she said at the time

But Baron Sugar of Claptrap wasn't even speaking for himself in his attack on her - he was quoting, word for word, part of a reply to him from UKIP fanboy and veteran online bully Thomas Evans - who in 2014 was actually condemned by jailed racist Joshua Bonehill-Paine for bringing the party into disrepute! Nice friends you have, Al......

Lord Sugar's tweet (above) and the initial supportive reply from Thomas Evans (right)

Sugar was also unrepentant about the gist of his original tweet, later saying there was 'no smoke without fire' in Labour and claiming Jeremy Corbyn had not made clear his stance on antisemitism.

So what is behind the regular tricklings of bile from the ex-Labour peer? The former market trader, who later made a killing from tat tech company Amstrad, has tucked away his barrowloads of dosh very carefully, and admits to exploiting loopholes to pay less tax.

He has even posted a picture purporting to be a cheque (handwritten, somewhat quaintly) for almost £59 million to HMRC - though, interestingly, not a receipt from them for the amount, which prompted some to point out how simple it is to write a cheque and photograph it, especially as one would imagine there are accounting departments to produce such things digitally for the billionaires of this world.

(Possibly not, though - he has been advertising for an accountant pretty much every day on Twitter. Perhaps to save him getting writers' cramp, and of course the wear and tear on his biro)

The poor little fella must be shaking in his built-up shoes with fear that the coming Corbyn-led government will make him pay his fair share, not just the least he can manage to get away with.

It certainly doesn't seem to be righteous indignation at any perceived slights directed at the Jewish community from Labour and its membership.

Al, who says he is an atheist but 'proud of his Jewish heritage', saw no problem posting - at Passover no less - this rather disrespectful video showing a pug in a headscarf chanting Hebrew prayers and swearing in a stereotypical 'Jewish' voice.

Imagine if Jeremy Corbyn had posted that....?

So aside from his role as a poundshop Donald Trump on the Apprentice, and making money of course - what does Sugar actually do in his role as a peer of the realm? What contribution does he make to the mother of all parliaments, of which he is so proud to be a member?

Well, surprisingly little, it turns out. During his time as a Labour peer, he took part in just 1.38% of votes - well below average. Since leaving the party in 2015 he has voted just three times. Since becoming a Lord in 2009, he has spoken just 58 times. Suffice to say he doesn't give They Work For You much cause to work late.

Sugar's character can best be illustrated in the boorish and offensive way he chooses to respond to those who dare to criticise his offensive and frankly ignorant chunterings. Take for example his response to respected NHS champion Dr Kailash Chand OBE, honorary chair of the BMA - a man who has contributed more to society than Sugar ever has, or ever will. Seems you can take the boy out of the gutter.........

We - respectfully - suggest that unless and until he makes as Chris Williamson suggested, 'a fulsome apology', Mr Sugar should confine his social media activities to recruiting people to avoid more tax for him and advertising 'luxury villas'. Failing that, he should take his own advice and shut up.

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