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The Genie Is Out Of The Bottle

The Genie is out of the bottle. Lets look at the activities of the US oil and gas company Genie Energy based in New Jersey. Also the subsidiary company of Genie Oil, Afek energy based in Israel.

The major reason for the proxy war in Syria is the control of the Golan Heights.

Yes we have Assad rejecting the US backed Qatar pipeline. Yes Assad signed up to the Russian backed Iranian pipeline. Which did not go down too well in the US,Israel and Saudi Arabia.

But if we look at The Golan Heights more closely we can see why the fight to control Syria is paramount for the global elite.

In 2015 new findings of oil and gas were discovered in the region. This region, in fact, has more oil and gas reserves than Saudi Arabia in its entirety

Firstly the United Nations since the late sixties have recognised that this region belongs to Syria and they are the sovereign power.

So why are the US and Israel illegally occupying this region? Why have thousands been displaced from their homelands?

This clip shows who controls this company.

Rupert Murdoch sits on the advisory board of Genie Energy.

Dick Cheney also sits on the board of Genie Energy.

Secretary of defence in the US between 1989-93 Cheney was a major player in the first Iraq proxy war.

Vice President in the US between 2001-2009 Cheney was a major player in the second Iraq proxy war.

He was the CEO of Halliburton, a defence contractor who made millions out the Iraq war.

Cheney made a personal fortune from war. Some reports estimated Cheney profited to the tune of 86 million.

Now he stands to profit from Genie Energy.

The clip shows the board of Genie Oil in its entirety.

We even have a member on the board Genie Oil who belongs to the Bilderberg Group.

The division of Syria and the planned invasion is no accident. Like Iraq we have yet another illegal war.

Who exactly benefits from the conflict in Syria? Innocent civilians are the casualties yet again.

At the same time the elite will profit no matter what the cost.

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