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Javid Could Face Libel Action After Vile Holocaust Tweet

Toxic Home Secretary Sajid Javid has sparked a furious reaction after a tweet accusing Jeremy Corbyn of being a Holocaust denier. Javid scrambled eagerly aboard the passing antisemitism bandwagon in response to a reply he received for backing Margaret Hodge, following her stunningly well-timed and publicised performance as an East End fishwife screeching abuse at Corbyn.

Clearly Mr Shahab has some seriously skewed beliefs regarding the Holocaust, but instead of taking him to task personally, Javid immediately implied that he had these beliefs as a direct result of the influence of Jeremy Corbyn. There is, incidentally, nothing on Mr Shahab's timeline to indicate that he is a Corbyn or Labour supporter.

His comment clearly suggests that Mr Shahab came by his mistaken views as a result of being misled by Corbyn - who obviously, therefore, must himself be a Holocaust denier.

Revolted Twitter users responded angrily, with more than one suggesting that Mr Corbyn should take legal action for libel, and that foodbanks in Javid's constituency might be in for a windfall - as happened when his fellow gobshite Ben Bradley posted libellous content earlier this year..

The Prole Star, along with many other Twitter users, has reported Mr Javid's comment to the Labour Party and to Twitter, but at the time of writing he has still not deleted his vile smear.

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