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An Open Letter To Theresa May

Dear Prime Minister,

I fear that history will treat you very cruelly indeed.

You have spent two years allowing this country to go to the dogs. Two years where you have shown no leadership. Two years in which you have ruled over chaos in your Cabinet, allowed poison to spread throughout your government ... a poison which is now cascading down to the very roots of the Conservative Party.

As with everything else you touch, it is far too little and far too late to send your Party Chairman out to local Tory constituency parties this summer to quell the fire you let loose and which now threatens to engulf and destroy the Conservative Party for a generation.

There are now open calls from Tory grass-roots 'activists' for your head. Many are refusing to work to get Conservative MPs and councillors re-elected. Many are saying they will not renew their membership. Many are bitterly angry about the constant bickering and divisions at the top of the Conservative Party. Divisions deepened by your decision yesterday to effectively sack the man, who, just two weeks ago, you appointed as Brexit Secretary. You have politically castrated Dominic Raab who remains, in post, in name only.

You have made a fatal mistake. By stating that you, and you alone, are now solely responsible for Brexit, you have put your neck on the political chopping block. When your quite ridiculous plan for Brexit goes wrong, as it will, your head will roll. As it must.

But there is one fate worse than being sacked as Prime Minister, and that is being remembered as the person who destroyed her own Party, condemning it to the political wilderness for a generation.

Your incompetent dithering, lack of leadership, and indecision has sidelined every other aspect of government, every other pressing issue for two years! Britain and its people already know that this country is drifting in stormy, unpredictable, waters. When Britain, inevitably, crashes on to the rocks over Brexit, you will not be forgiven, nor forgotten.

In just two short years you have divided Britain, divided your Party, sowed widespread despair, and singlehandedly destroyed the reputation of the Tory Party as the party which can be counted on for competence. That was only ever a perception, a carefully constructed confection. But perceptions matter, and the perception now of Conservative government is that it is chaotic, untrustworthy, incompetent, and dependent upon the lies of the right-wing media to prop it up.

The moment every one in this country finally wakes up, open their eyes, see that you are the empty Emperor with no clothes, and see what a bloody mess you are and have made, is the moment you will be gone ... but not forgotten, no, not forgotten!

You have stretched the patience of the steady, common-sense, phlegmatic nature of the British people to breaking point.

Let that be your epitaph!


Paul Starling.

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