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Join The Prole Star - Owned By Us & Not By Them.

The Prole Star will soon be launching a membership scheme. Being a member of The Prole Star will give you access to our members area, where you can chat and debate with other members. It will also give you democratic rights in our organisation, as you will be emailed on issues and be entitled to take part in a vote on any major decisions or rule changes.

We don't have millionaires to fund our cause. But collectively we can all have power. For a small fee starting from just £5.00 a year, you could become a member of The Prole Star and help us sustain truly independent journalism.

We are a new but fast growing media outlet and we hope to become a strong voice for ordinary people, which the mainstream media establishment fail to represent. Other independent media websites are having considerable impact on the UK's political narrative and we intend to add our voice to theirs.

Watch this space. #JoinUsinSolidarity

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