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Grassroots Members Launch New Campaign To Democratise Our Unions

A group of long-standing trade unionists has this week launched the Campaign For Union Democracy, a grassroots initiative whose aim is 'to democratise all UK Unions for the benefit of all'.

The campaign is already attracting support from trade unionists across the UK. This is their launch statement:

Welcome to the Campaign For Union Democracy, or CUD for short. This is a grassroots campaign to democratise and 'open up' Trade Unions in the UK, especially those affiliated to the UK Labour Party.

This is our first post and is ahead of schedule, because we've decided to launch far earlier than expected.


Events at a recent Labour Party NEC meeting have forced us to move up our timetable. At that meeting, 'representatives' from Labour Party affiliated Trade Unions and other alleged lefties, have conspired to scupper the greatly anticipated membership-empowering Democracy Review, and to ensure that the party leadership ballot process remains unfriendly to those from the left of the Labour Party, or those without significant 'Union Grandee' backing.

The actions of Trade Union delegates to the Labour Party NEC appear to run contrary to the wishes of the broader Trade Union movement, and could directly contribute to the prevention of a Trade Union member-favouring British government.

This campaign consists of Union and Labour Party grassroots members and activists, united in the aim of bringing one-member one-vote (OMOV) style voting systems to Union democracy.

Initial (Subject To Change) Campaign Aims:

1) Lobby for and encourage OMOV decision making within ALL UK Trade Unions, at ALL levels of the organisation, starting with Unions affiliated to the UK Labour Party.

2) Fight to ensure that all UK Trade Unions represent the wishes of their members, rather than only the wishes of their executive 'elites' or 'grandees'.

3) Battle against 'Commercial Capture' of Trade Unions, where the industries involved are represented more than the needs and wants of workers / members themselves.

4) Investigate, highlight and 'whistleblow' unethical or illegal activity within UK Trade Unions.

5) Ensure British Trade Unions are the envy of Trade Unions and Socialist organisations around the world for their democratic operations & accountability, and their honest and effective representation of the workers cause.

The CUD Steering Group will be meeting soon to formally constitute the group, agree initial aims and actions, and begin the process of recruiting members to the cause.

For now, if you would like to contribute to the campaign, spread the word and start building our community; share this discussion group, especially with your Trade Union and Labour Party friends.

For more information, see the Facebook Page or join the Campaign For Union Democracy Facebook group

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