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The Absolute Hypocrites? Akehurst & Pals Snapped In Antisemitic Tshirts

It seems Tories aren't the only ones with offensive teeshirts. Labour First's Luke Akehurst has been pictured wearing a teeshirt bearing what we are sure would be a 'vile antisemitic' slogan were it seen on, for example, a Corbyn supporter.

Akehurst, who is also a director of We Believe In Israel, was snapped partying after conference with Labour First's paid agitator Matt Pound and actor Marlon Solomon, recently lauded by the Jewish Chronicle as a 'warrior' against antisemitism, all three modelling the revolting garments.

Mr Pound, whose skills for the social media aspect of his job seem somewhat lacking, tweeted the picture with what we're sure he thought was a hilarious mockery of the 'absolute boy' tag given to Jeremy Corbyn

Following the recent furore over Jeremy Corbyn's use of the word 'zionist' (even without the 'sh*tlord' added) the picture has cause outrage amongst those on the left, particularly as so many of them have been vilified as antisemites for much less....

Pound's tweet (in which he strangely tagged himself as well as Akehurst and Solomon, did not receive very much attention, but was shared by 9 people, including Labour candidate Mike Katz, and liked by others including Labour councillor and Labour Future director Brendan Chilton

The Twitter account Labour Left Voice has referred the matter to Labour's General Secretary Jennie Formby, demanding to know what action will be taken against the three. The Prole Star has also brought the matter to the attention of the Labour Party.

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