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Adamsgate - Terrorist Sympathisers Who Hate Britain? Outrage At The Mail

We at The Prole Star have uncovered some damming pictures, which incriminate several high profile public figures as holding terrorist sympathies.

The first, Donald Trump - already well known to be a sexist, racist, Islamophobic, megalomaniac. It has now been uncovered that he is also a passionate IRA supporter.

A picture of both Trump and Gerry Adams taken in 1995 clearly shows that Trump and Adams share core beliefs.

Former US President Bill Clinton has also been implicated in this controversy, pictured grinning with Adams in the Oval office in 2000. We at The Prole Star believe that this damning evidence shows that their contact must be in the name of something really evil and sinister and could not be in the name of something progressive like peace.

Most shocking of all a picture has emerged of Gerry Adams and Former US President Barack Obama standing side by side in a show of solidarity. We sent the image to the American FBI, who have replied to say:

"the images are concerning and we are launching an immediate investigation".

To the horror of The Daily Mail, even members of the Royal family have been pictured with Adams and other former leaders of the Provisional Irish Republican Army. A spokesman for The Mail has said:

"After many years of supporting the monarchy we are shocked to learn that, apparently, they in fact hate Britain. They have proved themselves to be very very dangerous people. As passionate believers in the death penalty, we have considered calling for this, but at the very least we will be using our political influence to call for them to be immediately stripped of their office. They are traitors and it is only right that they should both be treated accordingly"

In case anyone has read this far without realising it - this piece is a spoof, a satire, a little light relief - and maybe a wake-up call to those who are too quick to yell 'terrorist sympathiser'....

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