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Billions Of Barrels Of Oil Found In The Golan Heights In Syria....

The largest natural oil reserves in the Middle East were found in The Golan Heights in Syria. The Golan Heights, according to the UN declaration made in 1967, is Syrian land.

In 1981 Israel passed its own legislation called "The Golan Heights Law". This was basically a illegal land grab with no authorisation from the UN. Katzrin is the area in the Golan where the abundance of oil can be found, and Israel has awarded itself 39,500 acres of land split up into to 10 drilling sites.

In June 2014 Israel financially boosted the region of Katzrin to the tune of £17 million. 3,800 brand new properties have been built to accommodate the settlers. Eight thousand Israeli settlers currently populate the region of Katzrin. Some would say they are illegal settlers.

According to the Jerusalem Post, The Israeli state has set a target of 20,000 settlers to occupy the region of Katzrin by 2020. At the same time thousands of Golan citizens have been - and are still being - displaced from their homeland.

The new oil finds were originally discovered in 2011 by the Israeli oil and gas company Afek Energy. A part statement from their website:

"Thirty years after "failed" water drilling attempts, our experts perform in 2011 a new analysis of the data gathered during the process of the original water drilling. The evidence found in the subsoil samples taken during the drilling process reinforced the evaluation that hidden on the Golan was one of the largest natural oil reserve in the middle east."

Please check out the board of Afek Energy on their website - it makes interesting reading. For example one board member is Effi Eitam.

A former Israeli politician and IDF commander, Eitam has previously called Israeli Arabs a "cancer"

In 2006 he called for most Palestinians to be barred from the West Bank.

He supported formerly, IDF soldiers using Palestinians as human shields.

Please check out his credentials on Wikipedia .

In 2011 the major elite got involved in the Golan.

Genie Energy was established in 2011 with Murdoch, Dick Cheney, Jacob and Rothschild and others sitting on the advisory board. Afek Energy is now a subsidiary company of Genie Energy.

The articles below also highlight the pipeline war in Syria which is also a fundamental factor in the destabilisation of of Syria.

A chronology of important decisions made in Syria.

In 2009 Assad rejects the planned US backed Qatar pipeline to run through Syria.

In 2011 the new record findings of black gold in the Golan Heights in Syria.

In 2013 Assad signs up to the Russian backed Iran-Iraq pipeline.

In 2011 the proxy war in Syria commenced , with the US funding Islamic extremists to divide Syria. Seven years on and ISIS are still brutally slaughtering the innocent there.

Since the summer, ISIS has attacked several villages in the Sweida countryside south of Damascus. More than 270 civilians were murdered, most recently the execution of a young Druze woman who had been captured n . The MSM has largely failed to report the tragic events that took place.

Please check out Vanessa Beeley with her latest report from Syria.

If you read through the archives of the Washington Post and The New York Times, even these publications concede the fact that the US has funded and supported terrorist factions within Syria.

Syria is the new Iraq.

Venezuela may well be next, with the biggest oil and gas reserves in the world ,not to mention a abundance of gold.

Follow the money and war will be manufactured accordingly, to suit the needs of the elite.

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