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Momentum To Support Uber Drivers In Court On Tuesday

Following the 24 hour strike earlier this month, Uber drivers will meet their bosses in court for Uber's final appeal hearing on Tuesday October 30.

Uber will aim to reverse a ruling that forced the company to treat its employees as workers rather than independent contractors. The ruling gave Uber drivers basic rights such as the minimum wage, paid holiday and rest breaks.

Momentum is mobilising its members to join a demonstration called by the IWGB outside the court. The march will also pass by TFL HQ who have failed to take action over driver exploitation and the University of London where workers are fighting against management outsourcing. The demonstration will be the first to bring together Deliveroo couriers, Uber drivers and university cleaners threatened by outsourcing, with more than 1,000 precarious workers expected to attend.

October 30 will mark the final hearing of the dispute between Uber and its drivers before it heads to the Supreme Court. A victory for the Uber drivers could set the precedent to all employers and workers in the 'gig economy'. Natasha Josette, a Momentum spokesperson, said: “Behind the slick PR and shiny technology Uber, Deliveroo and other gig economy companies are geared towards extracting profit by denying workers the minimum wage, holiday pay and other basic rights.

New technology must be used for the benefit of the many, not to exploit workers and generate obscene profits for the few. We're proud to support the Uber drivers, Deliveroo couriers, university cleaners and other precarious workers who'll be demonstrating today."

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