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Calling Alan Sugar Homophobic Is Antisemitic, Say Helpful Centrists

Beloved arsehole Sir Alan Sugar was BLASTED over the weekend by left-wing anarcho-communists for alleged homophobic remarks.

Sugar was responding to a query from an interested peasant about their breakfast-themed business idea, with an innocent and light-hearted response that was SEIZED UPON by Britain-hating Marxists.

Sugar insisted that he was talking about the amount of hot air released in his boardroom, completely rejecting the definition of "puff" that literally everyone else in the country understood to mean "homosexual".

Critics of the alt-left Stalinist hippie bloc were quick to point our their real agenda:

"it's preposterous to claim that Lord Sugar, a man from the 1970s who makes a living off of belittling people on his reality show, would ever say anything so offensive" said John Torylove, a centrist dad from Yeovil.

"It's yet another antisemitic smear against a man who worked his way up from the mean streets of Bow to become the leading seller of obsolete technology," continued Torylove, who learned that Sugar is Jewish about 40 minutes ago.

SATIRE: In case anyone hadn't guessed....

A spokesman for Jeremy Corbyn said: "Look, I have no idea why you're asking me about this. Please stop calling." Yet more proof of Corbyn's antisemitism.

Rachel Riley did not respond to our request for comment.

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