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Scaffolding Boss Taking On TUI After Ruined Wedding

What do you do if a big faceless organisation ruins an event such as a holiday, birthday or even more significant events such as a Wedding? Most would call up, write a letter of complaint or contact the small claims court.

Embattled ravel firm TUI (who it's safe to say have already had a pretty bad January after being outed for making passengers sit on the floor) weren't expecting anything else, but have found themselves on the receiving end of a very different strategy from Margate businessman Chris Wain.

Chris took an unexpected and creative approach to make his grievance heard. The scaffolder installed a platform with a banner reading “TUI RUINED MY WEDDING” and erected it with scaffolding outside the TUI Branch at Westwood Cross Shopping Centre in Broadstairs, Thanet.

Then to further this exposé Chris has posted on his facebook page (as of the time of writing on 17th January this has attracted more than 453 shares and has been forwarded to the Ladbible). Clearly TUI rightly or wrongly are yet again on the receiving end of negative PR as a result of Poor Service.

Messages of support are flooding in with one commenter noting “Well done, they would not compensate us when my wife was diagnosed with cancer last Christmas - the worst most dirty low life company I have ever come across"

Other members of the public are dubbing Chris a “Hero of the people.

Tui were approached for comment on this matter and have responded:

'We would like to sincerely apologise to Mr and Mrs Cooper and their party for the mistakes made with their wedding booking. We understand this would have been a stressful experience and extremely disappointing for the customers during what should have been a very special time. We are carrying out a full internal review into what happened, both during the booking process and also since the customers have returned home. We are in contact with Mr and Mrs Cooper to apologise and we have offered a full refund of their holiday and extra costs'

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