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Only A Labour Government Can Be Trusted With Brexit

Another week elapses and we are a week closer to the hardest of Brexits, crashing out without a deal. The bluff that is being used by Theresa May to secure support for her ridiculous deal, (that has been slightly amended).

The ruling elite, who the Tories govern on behalf of will not allow Britain to crash out of the European market without a deal. It is the biggest market in the world and there is simply to much money tied up in it for them to allow that to happen.

The decision of the referendum in 2016, to leave Europe was indeed the biggest self inflicted economic wound Britain will ever suffer outside of war. However that was the result of the vote, and now that the disingenuous 'People's Vote ' campaign for a second referendum has effectively collapsed the real job of minimising the economic damage is a step closer.

The only party capable of undertaking that task is the Labour party and the only viable vehicle for bringing that about is a Labour government.

Therefore a general election and a massive victory for Labòur, giving Jeremy Corbyn the keys to number ten is the only way forward.

Every day the Tories, propped up by the DUP, ' remain in office is a day closer to the absolute chaos that would ensue if there was a no deal Brexit.

The ruling elite are hopelessly split. Elements see the scenario of a general election and a Corbyn led Labour government negotiating a customs union as the only viable option.

Others are far less realistic. They are desperate for the Tories to cling to power at all costs. However at the same time they are conscious of the consequences of Britain crashing out with no deal.

They want an extension of article 50 to enable more time for a negotiated deal. However they don't want to look even more ridiculous than they already do by going against their self imposed deadline. That is why the trade union general secretaries were invited to Downing street last week.

Having had their egos massaged, they all emerged to tell the media we needed more time for meaningful negotiations to take place.

The naivety beggars belief. Instead of throwing the hapless Theresa May, who is drowning in her own incompetence, a lifeline our trade union leaders should be organizing demonstrations and strikes calling for a general election.

If they are not capable of doing the job properly perhaps it is time that the members replaced them with those who can.

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