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"British Politics" Facebook Group Is A Hotbed Of Islamophobia & Hate.

The Facebook group "British Politics" is a hotbed of hate and Islamophobia. Some of the comments in the group are totally shocking. It's clear the admin team of this group don't have a problem with what people are posting. By looking at the post below we can possibly understand why. Kate Kitchingman is one of the admins of "British Politics"

It's clear from this post that the group admin Kate Kitchingman clearly has a problem with the fact that London isn't a city of white nationals. She refers to London as "Londonistan" which shows clearly her hostility towards the diversity of London and people who happen to originate from Asia or the Middle East. It is clear to me that Kate Kitchingham is a white supremacist and it's no wonder this group is rife with Islamophobia with admins like this. Below we have an example of the same moderator openly mocking trans people.

Here is another admin of the group, Simon Paul Houlding. It is clear to see why hate towards those who aren't 'White British' isn't being dealt with in the group. Simon states that the mass murderer Adolf Hitler, a man who was responsible for the death of 6 million jews is someone who inspired him. Hitler and Mussolini are not exactly the kind of role models most people have.

But I'm not inferring that the admins of "British Politics" don't do their job properly. Critical opinions of hate preacher "Tommy Robinson" and those that follow him are dealt with pretty quickly...

So, let's take a look at some of the posts in this group. Here we can see a post referring to "Islam" as the problem. Why don't these people understand that Islam is a peaceful religion, which isn't that different to other monotheistic religions such as Christianity? It is clear to many that Islam is a religion of peace, love and understanding. Also we can see that there is antisemitism in this group. If you look at the comment on this meme Judaism is highlighted as the problem also.

Group member and white supremacist John McGowan comments referring to "non white invasion" as the problem.

Here is one group member asking if Islam should be banned in the UK. The answer, incidentally, is 'No, we are a much more tolerant nation than that'.

But group member Jimmy Bond agrees. The levels of intolerance in "British Politics" are truly disgusting.

Next we have a member of "British Politics" Kavan Sherwood stating that not wanting to visit a mosque is like not wanting to visit a sewer.

Now for some of the more shocking posts regarding the Christchurch attack in New Zealand. These narrow minded comments are made by truly sick individuals. Paul Wilson, shame on you.

Dean Ascher seems to think that all Muslims are terrorists and rapists. Like so many on the far right, he is clearly a bigot.

Tommy Chase even tries to justify the killings in Christchurch as a "revenge attack".

Well done to James Philbin-Smith for calling out members of this group for their awful comments.

When one group member states that he would like to migrate to Britain, members of the group go out of their way to let him know he isn't welcome.

Julian Leppert has a truly awful attitude towards migrants. I find it disturbing that anyone could think in this way.

Tom Molloy doesn't seem to understand that most migrants work and are a benefit to the economy. They are often prepared to do the jobs which British people just aren't prepared to do.

Zalmy Kinn asks him if he would want to make Sharia law the law of the land. It is utter rubbish that the majority of western Muslims are calling for Sharia Law. It's just another way for the Islamophobes to incite fear of Muslims based on a complete fallacy.

Bob Beaton posts the comment "another groomer". Just another member of the group who is clearly a bigot and who seems to think all Muslims are paedophiles. Some white people are paedophiles as well. Does that mean we should blame the whole caucasian race?

Group member Dave Van Der Kooij refers to Islam as a backward ideology.

Group member Rebecca MacDonald seems to think that "Many Muslims are evil terrorists and evil people" Actually Rebecca, most Muslims are peaceful law abiding citizens. I'm not sure where you're getting your information from...

Group Member Michael Clark refers to immigrants as "scum".

When challenged on the myth that Muslims are supposedly 'taking over the country', Anni Mack's response was that Muslims "breed faster" Sorry Anni, but we are talking about human beings here, not animals.

Minty Evony seems to think that the United Kingdom is a Christian country, when in fact the truth is the UK has no official religion

Many on the far right deny they are racists. However, some in the group have no problem admitting that's exactly what they are.

Gipper Gardens goes as far to say "I hate the black fuckers".

Here group member Adam Foster admits to being Islamophobic.

The content of the Facebook group "British Politcs is abhorrent. We will be contacting the admins and moderators of "British Poliitcs" for further comment, and reporting the group to Facebook to ask for the group and its hate-filled content to be taken down.

EDIT The admin team have since replied to the request for comment.

We have been informed by the admin team that the offending posts have now been removed.

Group admin Lynda Louise James issued the following statement.

"The admin team are committed to ensuring that all posts which breach group rules or contain racism or hate speech are deleted and users banned from the group as soon as they are brought to our attention. It is a large group and we do rely on members to alert us to these posts. The group encourages free debate for all views but within the guidelines of the law, in addition to adhering to Facebook community standards and our own group rules. The admin team consists of members with very different political views i.e. left, right and centrist, certainly not just right wing."

Group admin Simon Houlding went on to tell us.

"Many posts of that nature have been removed especially of late especially the ones praising what happened in New Zealand, and I came out on Friday immediately to condemn the attack. Criticism of a theology or any political philosophy should be tolerated but not outright abuse and incitement."

Simon also tells us that he made the statement regarding Hitler and Mussolini back in December 2017 and that he no longer holds those views and that he has left his radical thinking behind.

Group admin Marcus Movie Springer also commented.

"With the admin group there are only around 5 of us actually moderating and I've been pushing for more left wing mods and Maxim is trying to find new mods to lighten the load. It's very difficult to keep up with all the abuse with only roughly 5 of us active and I can only do my part to flag up racism where I see it, or rule breaking and delete spam etc. We rely very much on members to notify us of rule breaking - Islamophobia, racism etc I think it's the problem of nationalist ideology rather than the group alone - which is made to platform both wings + center. And the active admin are fair in their decisions (as far as their political leanings would allow) - same as myself. I'd say, my main goal here as a admin/mod is to keep the debate civil and political without any bias towards the left or right, but I think it's difficult to do with the limited active mods we have available."

Group admin Jake D ConMidhe refereed to the group members who made these posts as "the most obnoxious right wingers" He went on to tell us.

"I'd like to present a perspective that is would be considered right wing, yet it greatly contrasts the short sighted perspective others on the right are playing.

"All this is caused by lack of open dialogue and echo chambers. I used to like British politics as I had ample people to debate with. Now since mass reports and also people who disliked some of the right wing people on there have left. We have the issue of an echo chamber where peoples views aren't challenged. So you may post these people who say obnoxious things, but it's better that they say it on a public forum and have people to challenge them, rather than driving all radicals of all stripes underground.

In the future you will see extremist legislation coming in, it will be more authoritarian, and it will label large amounts of people from many ideologies as extremists and a danger to society. They will make a future where you can't read books encase they radicalise you.

Regarding the terrorist attack, some will say it's a false flag and didn't happen, just like the Muslims say the same about some of theirs. All truth around the matter becomes hard to verify, as all sides present their " Facts". Now I know that somewhere there is even admission that some of the chemical attacks in Syria were faked, as well as other times in history where false flags have happened . Sure not everything is false flag, but if they're going to change legislation around the globe over an event, people should be able to verify what happened for themselves."

Jake goes on to tell us Mark Smiths post below shouldn't have been removed. As it wasn't put up for vote. And that another admin must of taken it down without consulting the others. "Anyway I think his post should have been allowed as it doesn't break the rules."

After contacting the admin team regarding comment on this article one of our writers was banned from "British Politics".

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