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S*n Tries To Smear Corbyn Son - Gets Royally Ratioed

Clearly having reached the bottom of their barrel of Corbyn smears, and begun scraping the floor beneath, the S*n has now targeted the Labour leader's son - it didn't go well...

On March 22 they released their 'exclusive' - titled 'JEZZ CIGARETTE: Jeremy Corbyn’s son Tommy spotted smoking ‘spliff’ outside cafe', featuring a year-old picture of Tommy Corbyn smoking a completely legal CBD hemp product.

Perhaps they were hoping their 'readers' (and I use the term loosely) would lap up the scandal - maybe even that the non-scoop would go viral on social media. It didn't work out that way.

'Ratioing' refers to the balance of replies to engagements on social media, it's widely considered that any ration of more than 2:1 indicates an own goal. The S*n achieved this in spades, with the number of replies exceeding the combined number of likes and retweets!

Their post gained a paltry 157 retweets, and they were bombarded with replies ranging from the completely indifferent to the totally outraged - at them.

And our personal favourite...

Tommy Corbyn, displaying the same combination of wit and good manners as his father, was happy to put the rag firmly in its place.

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