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Revealed: British Prime Minister Theresa May's Shocking Links To Islamic Extremists

It seems we are in the extraordinary position of having a Prime Minister with extensive links to terrorists. Shocking pictures have emerged of Theresa May and a known terrorist, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman.

A Labour Party member we spoke to warned the public against voting in the up and coming European elections for "Theresa May and a bunch of terrorist sympathisers".

In an act of shocking barbarity, the fascist, terrorist state Saudi Arabia recently executed 37 citizens in one day. Many of the victims were put on trial and found guilty, because they had made confessions after being tortured. A dead body and severed head was put on public display and was put on a pole as a warning to other citizens.

It is clear that Theresa May has a soft spot for extremists. Behind her vicar's daughter image lies a much darker side to Mrs May and we should be concerned about her troubling associations.

In this barbaric country, the punishment for robbery is the amputation of hands and feet. Females are sentenced to flogging for committing adultery even when in some cases they have been rape victims, but were unable to prove it. You can even be flogged for offences such as sexual deviance, or being under the influence of alcohol.

The terrorist state thinks nothing of killing civilians in residential areas. Many have died in Yemen as thousands have been killed in bombings. 8 million of the population are threatened with famine and shortages of medical care as a direct result of the targeting of ports and even organisations providing aid.

The terrorists have bombed weddings, funerals, a school bus, markets, prisons, boats and medical facilities. But that hasn't stopped her grinning cheerfully with them...

In November 2017 Theresa May visited her friends in Saudi Arabia. In the same year she allegedly suppressed a report into Saudi Arabia’s funding of Islamist extremists in Britain. It is clear that Mrs May thinks a lot more about her "dangerous friendships" than the public safety of British citizens.

Saudi Arabia is a main source of funding for international terrorist organisations, which include al-Qaeda, the Taliban and Lashkar-e-Taiba. A significant amount of these extremist organisations' financing originates in the country.

The Saudi government has also been accused of playing a role in the 9/11 terror attacks and there is evidence to suggest that this is the case.

Theresa May has been labelled as 'vile' and has been accused of “siding with the enemies of humanity” and has been blasted as being unfit to be Prime Minister.

We have contacted Mrs May and asked her to condemn the Saudi regime. She responded in a statement* only to say "Keep your friends close and your terrorists even closer."

*Please note this last statement regarding the response is satirical. In actual fact, at the time of writing Theresa May has not responded, and continues to refer to the murderous Saudi regime as 'friends'...

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