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Stop The Coup: The Labour Rank & File Must Take A Stand

The furore over the decision to re-instate Chris Williamson to the Labour Party (and its subsequent overturning) is part of the ongoing establishment strategy to undermine and topple Jeremy Corbyn. At a time when it looks increasingly likely that a snap election is going to be called, the panic of the, 'stop Corbyn at all costs' brigade, is almost palpable.

The Second Referendum Strategy

On one side we have the increasingly shrill and inane campaign to commit to remain, as far as Brexit is concerned. This is spearheaded by the Blairite, 'Peoples Vote' campaign, which is nothing more than a disingenuous spin on the campaign for a second referendum.

At a fractious shadow cabinet meeting this week Keir Starmer, Emily Thornberry and inexcusably, John McDonnell led the charge, attempting to force the Labour Party to adopt a remain position.

It is absolutely obvious this would lead to a dramatic haemorrhaging of the Labour vote, north of the Watford Gap.

It would ensure that Labour would be defeated in a general election, and that would be the end of the Corbyn project.

This is precisely what the establishment and the Blairite faction want.

It was a credit to Jeremy Corbyn and his staff and advisors, as well as unions like Unite and the CWU, that they remained loyal to Labour Party policy and the membership.

That another assault will take place at the July NEC meeting is highly likely.

Consternation at the Thought of Being Held Accountable

The animated whining of the usual suspects in the Parliamentary Labour Party was entirely predictable when they all received a letter from the General Secretaries office asking them to make clear if they intend to stand at the next general election. They were given a fortnight to reply, which indicates that a snap election is on the cards.

If the answer is no it should follow that the constituency in question should receive a timetable for selecting their next prospective parliamentary candidate.

If the answer is yes it should follow that the constituency in question should receive a timetable for the procedure of putting the new trigger ballot system into operation in the constituency, in case the members wish to challenge their sitting MP.

None of this would apply if a snap election is called, or if the left forces surrounding Corbyn backed down and refused to implement the new trigger ballot arrangements at the July NEC.

Mock Outrage

The animated whining was transformed into hysterical mock outrage when Chris Williamson was readmitted into the party with a warning.

Ordinary Labour party members are well aware that the only thing that is truly outrageous is that he has been issued with a warning.

He has done nothing wrong.

Deputy leader Tom Watson issued a statement condemning the decision which has been signed by nearly a hundred Labour MP's and about thirty Labour peers.

Most party members would like to see a deputy leadership challenge. Preferably by the likes of Chris Williamson.

Facing Reality

However the likelihood of that happening is even more remote than than members getting a chance to challenge sitting MPs via the new improved trigger ballot system.

It appears highly likely that a snap election wiĺl be called and that sitting MP's will remain in place. New prospective parliamentary candidates will be parachuted in by the NEC.

All perhaps of academic interest only if Labour adopts a remain position which will ensure Labour will not be winning any election and the Corbyn project will be over.

Even, if against all of the odds, Labour conference decisions were adhered to, the ĺeft leadership around Corbyn showed some backbone, and an election was won and Jeremy Corbyn got the keys to number ten, the treacherous MPs who have been undermining and seeking to topple him for the past four years would ensure that no meaningful changes would be implemented, and try to ensure that such a government was brought down at the earliest opportunity.

Stand up and Fightback

The rank and file of the Labour party and the unions must get themselves organised.

Momentum, the LRC, CLPD and other organisations supposedly on the left of the Labour party have proved over the last four years that they are not fit for purpose.

Unless the ordinary members of the Labour party and the unions force change from below we will have achieved very little. We have partially replaced an alien, self seeking, unaccountable right wing leadership with a left wing leadership that crumbles and backs down when confronted, at every key moment.

Stop Grovelling

No more apologies, no more appeasement, no more bowing down using the excuse of unity. With what, the likes of Watson, Hodge and Smeeth?

It is time for the ĺeft leadership to get off of its knees, confront reality and unlock the door that will lead to a mass outpouring of support from the membership.

Turn the mass membership into a mass movement and consign old 'New Labour' to the overflowing dustbin of history.

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