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The Left Awakens - The Fightback Begins

The fightback begins against the evil right of the Labour Party. Once upon a time, now, in this day and time, the evil right started attacking the allies of the left and Corbyn, the Corbynistas.

Aided by the evil MSM anxious to protect their wealth and influence, the evil right sought to build a Deathstar, fuelled by lies and weapons of wholesale destruction hidden under an invisible cloak of fake antisemitism.

The remaining survivors on the left, those scattered and without the weaponry of the cloned storm troopers of the right, still managed to contact each other to organise a mass sending of letters to Jeremy Corbyn, their captured leader held in the capital of the right, the House of Commons, to protest against the individual targeting of the left's local leaders. Particularly the Princesses Di Coffey and Anya Darr.

The hope was that the mass of letters would combine in such weight as to suffocate the evil BoJo masquerading as a clown and Hunt the - *unt, and bring the unstable, teetering building crashing down on itself.

Desperately, in all parts of the empire Corbynistas reached for their pens to write their letters to Jeremy Corbyn, (copied to all outlets of the manipulative MSM newspapers and the TV stations particularly the BASTARD BROADCASTING CORPORATION), and their devices to flood Twitter, Facebook and Facebook groups, Whatsapp and all others with their technically rudimentary but ultimately far stronger weapons of protest, couched in the vicious, accurate, grammatical English language to shame the evil empire into shrivelling up and vanishing.

The fightback had begun..................

So, what are you waiting for? GET WRITING AND POSTING!! Apparently the membership of the Labour party and supporters is over 500,000 strong. That number should make a statement.

Help us Corbynistas, you're our only hope!!

Somebody suggested a template letter. Here it is in bold below. Please if you can, use your own words - no doubt better than mine. But if, for whatever reason you cannot, copy, print and post or email or post on Facebook pages or Twitter to Jeremy Corbyn at the House of Commons.

Also if you can afford the stamps - and I am not joking, some people may not be able to - send your letter to the The Times, Daily Mail, Express, Guardian, Daily Mirror, Morning Star, BBC, ITV, Channel 4, SKY, RT and all and any others that come to mind.

Addresses etc all available on Google. Address your letters, emails, posts and tweets to the CEOs, (chief executive officers), editors or specific journalists.

Please do not just like my original post, DO SOMETHING!! If only in solidarity with Anya Darr and Di Coffey.

Lies and smears shrivel in the face of honesty and exposure. Be part of this. FOR THE MANY NOT THE FEW.

For your families, children and grandchildren.

You can a least send a letter, can't you?

The aim is for AT LEAST 250,000, so your input is sorely needed.

Dear Jeremy Corbyn,

I am /we are /have been a member of the Labour Party/members (insert time eg no. of years, months, minutes), /am not a member of the Labour Party and /but fully support your socialist manifesto and your ambition to bring about huge social change in our society so that again, it serves the many, not the few.

I/we have been angered, disgusted and ultimately furious at the evidently organised, co-ordinated and sustained campaign by the Labour right to attack and vilify members of the left wing of the Labour Party.

I/we can clearly see that the Labour right has become the storm troopers of the few. Those who hold unimaginable wealth and wield power in our unequal society and want to oppose you in your campaign for social change and justice.

We are particularly disgusted that the Labour right sink to the gutter to subvert antisemitism as a weapon. Weaponising the sufferings, the Holocaust and attempted annihilation of a particular racial and religious group to use in a political campaign makes me sick to my/ our stomach/s.

I/we have watched with awe but some concern as you rise above these shenanigans. That you avoid all temptation to interfere with the due processes of the Labour Party. That you avoid interacting and thus giving publicity and power to these disgraceful slurs and filthy campaign.

But enough is enough.

The right is now targeting individual members and some less able to fight than others. The two particular I am citing are Anya Darr and Di Coffey.

Anya Darr was instrumental in setting up the Corbyn Over Fifties group. She is retired, living a quiet life in Devon but roused to fight against injustice and for a fairer society. That she should be attacked for so-called antisemitism, so that Anya felt, in order to protect herself, that she had no option but to leave the Labour Party is reminiscent of the Nazi purges that those on the right pretend to abhor.

Di Coffey, who you have met, 79 years old and suffering from terminal cancer, has been suspended for the second time on similar grounds.

That Margaret Hodge, Tom Watkins, Jess Phillips, Tony Bliar, Peter Mandelson, (whose fingerprints are all over this campaign), et al can get away with attacking these women, Chris Williamson and others on the Labour left whose sole ambition is to bring about social change to benefit the many; only so they can support the continuing domination of the rich, the powerful and the greedy; is sickening.

I/we understand that in war, there will be casualties and losses. I/We know that John McDonnell warned us that the closer we get to a general election and power, the worse the attacks will get.

We want you to know that at some point these enemies need to be unmasked and confronted.

We look to you to show that leadership.

We anticipate the defeat of these enemies as all evil finally falls before the good.

We have your back, as you have ours.

Solidarity. Sign name.

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