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Labour's Grassroots Revolution - Bye Bye Billionaires

The most significant, and courageous political act in Britain for years was the Labour Party wresting power and influence from rich donors and billionaire newspaper owners, and giving it back to the membership. For far too long was our party the servant of wealthy people - the very people that it was set up to fight!

What did it say about the party when our Manifesto had to be agreed by the likes of Murdoch and Alan Sugar? When we were terrified of criticising Israeli treatment of Palestinians? When all our fiscal policies were designed to appease multinational corporations rather than provide homes and jobs for working people and help for the poor and sick?

These donors weren’t giving money and support to the Labour Party because they were socialists, they were giving it, like drug pushers, in order that we would become dependent on them and we would do as we were told. Look how quickly, and how publicly, they withdrew their support when it became obvious that due to our huge increase in membership, we didn’t need to sell out to them anymore.

But now that it is obvious that they can’t control us, they are determined to destroy us by attacking the leadership. This is what all the hysteria about Jeremy Corbyn and his allies being antisemitic is about - suggesting that Corbyn is antisemitic and racist is laughable - but they think that saying it often enough will convince people, particularly when they are helped by those within the party who they can still control.

Everyone who is interested in the future of the U.K. should applaud the stand that the Labour Party is taking against the rich and powerful. Whatever your politics, unless you are part of the elite, having them control your life will not end well for you.

They will rob you of the NHS (that is already happening; they will work you till you drop like galley slaves (retirement at seventy-five is already on the cards); they will sell your jobs down the river. In the next few months we have a chance to really change things in this country, we can put an end to all the cruelty and unfairness, we can end homelessness and poverty and we can repair the NHS and our infrastructure by making multinational corporations and billionaires pay their share of taxation.

They’ll try to tell you that this will ruin us, but we don’t have to believe them. We don’t have to be blackmailed into compliance, like we are hopeless junkies or people in crippling debt to loan sharks. The Labour Party has broken their spell - they are parasites and we don’t need them.

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