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Prole Star Campaign To Launch At Birthplace Of The NHS

The Prole Star is launching a countrywide leaflet campaign in the runup to the General Election to raise awareness of the threat posed to the NHS by Boris Johnson’s Conservatives.

We have reproduced data from a genuine US healthcare invoice in a mockup ‘bill’ to illustrate what UK patients could face if US corporations are given access to our NHS in the trade deal Johnson is planning to offer Donald Trump, and will be distributing up to 100,000 of these door to door, targeting marginal constituencies across the UK.

The mock bill includes a message at the end: ‘What to do if you cannot afford to pay this bill?’ and the answer ‘Don’t vote Conservative in the General Election’.

The campaign will be launched before the end of November in Trafford, the ‘birthplace of the NHS’ where the first hospital offering free healthcare to all was inaugurated by Nye Bevan in 1948.

The leaflets were paid for following our successful crowdfunding campaign, where we were able to almost double our original target in just two weeks, meaning the campaign can be even larger than we had planned.

We have a growing team of volunteers from target constituencies, who will be delivering the leaflets door to door during the final few weeks of the election campaign. If you live in or near a marginal constituency and would like to volunteer to deliver in your area, please contact the Prole Star via our Facebook page for more information.

We cannot allow the Conservatives to sell off the NHS by the backdoor. Creeping privatisation will lead to a US-style private healthcare system, which we are sure no one in this country wants. In the US people die because they ration insulin and even kill themselves because they don't want to bankrupt their families. We cannot stand by and allow that to happen here.

People are more important than profit and healthcare is not a commodity we choose to consume. But most importantly we must remember the warnings of those that lived in the barbarous times before we had public healthcare free at the point of use:

“We must never ever let the NHS free from our grasp, because if we do, your future will be my past” - Harry Leslie Smith.

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