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What Lost The Election? A Bad Brexit Policy, And An Establishment Smear Campaign

It is clear that the most left-wing manifesto since 1945 and the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn won Labour the ten million votes we achieved.

The socialist vision of the manifesto and the leadership of Corbyn inspired younger people to join the Labour party in their hundreds of thousands.

It is clear that the bad old days of the austerity-lite approach and the era of pro capitalist Blairism is history. The social and economic conditions for such centrist politics no longer exists.

Any successful attempt to return to those days would destroy the Labour party.

However the decaying elements of Blairism remain in the party, especially at a parliamentary level and within the full time apparatus itself.

The effect of these self serving right wing careerists, primarily in pursuit of their own vested self interest, had a very debilitating effect. They have played a central role in undermining Corbyn and preventing the election of a Labour government.


Of course the establishment went into overdrive to denigrate, smear and misrepresent Corbyn.

The mainstream media conducted an unprecedented and vicious campaign against him, his supporters and everything he stands for.

This was the case since the first day he was elected leader.

The billionaire elite who own the media were, and are, petrified of the transformative policies outlined in the manifesto.

If implemented it would threaten everything their kind hold dear. Their obscene wealth and ill gotten gains, accumulated at the expense of everybody else.

Massive companies and billionaires, whose tax avoiding antics, on an industrial scale, have drained the exchequer.

While hospitals and schools crumble, people sleep on the streets and queue at foodbanks, hundreds of billions are squirreled away in offshore tax havens.

In a desperate attempt to maintain this status quo, the establishment unleashed the most vicious smear campaign in living memory against Corbyn.

The mainstream media maintained a barrage of lies and falsehoods against him for over four years.

From sympathy for terrorists, to not bowing properly at the cenotaph, to accusations of antisemitism. The billionaire-controlled newspapers and the state propaganda machine, the BBC, have been vomiting out their inane bile on a daily basis.

They have been aided and abetted by the enemy within, who have helped to instigate, and propagate, the evidence free bogus antisemitism smear campaign, that conflates legitimate criticism of Israel's apartheid policy towards the Palestinians, with hatred of Jews.

The grotesque exaggeration of the tiny amount of real antisemitism within the Labour party, epitomizes the behaviour of the Blairites who remain in the party, determined to shift the party to the right and water down the policies now they have helped to bring Corbyn down.

Central to this was the cynical and quite ludicrous acceptance of the liberal/big business People's Vote campaign and the second referendum position that was forced on Corbyn.

The subsequent change in the Labour party policy in relation to Brexit was what lost us the general election.

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