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£20 Baby Medicine Profiteer Is Tory Donor

News that pharmacy chain 'Jhoots' has been charging almost £20 for paracetamol medicine for children has been covered by some mainstream media - none of whom mentioned that a director of the company is a substantial donor to the Conservative party.

The chain, which has dozens of branches across the Midlands and further afield, was also charging customers almost £10 for a packet of 32 paracetamol tablets for adults - generally available for under £1 in most supermarkets. And which Jhoots were selling for just £1.39 just last week.

Jhoots Director Sarbit Singh Jhooty was more generous with his money in 2018, when he donated £2,500 to Tory MP Grant Shapps...

The profiteering has been widely condemned, including by Labour councillor Majid Mahmood, who accused the Jhoots branch in his ward of Bromford and Hodge Hill, Birmingham, of charging 'extortionate prices' and putting profits before people

Jhoots, perhaps rightly ashamed and embarrassed to be caught in the act, issued the following statement:

At the time of writing, Grant Shapps has expressed no opinion on the actions of his benefactor.

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