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Mad Nad's At It Again - Health Minister Dorries Tweets Fake Coronavirus News

Health Minister Nadine Dorries was herself infected with Coronavirus last week - but she must be feeling better. On Thursday evening she used her recovered health to spread outright lies about another country's policy towards treating patients.

Taking to Twitter after what has seemed an all too brief respite from her addled ravings, she tweeted:

"Sobering news @itvnews Italy has stopped intubating patients over 60. All ICU patients on ventilators are below 60 and not one has been weaned back off to breathe independently.

We must follow the advice on social distancing if we are to crack this #coronavirus"

While her second paragraph is accurate, her claims about treatment in Italy are absolute rubbish - and she was told so in no uncertain terms by the Italian Embassy in London, who responded:

"@NadineDorries this is Fake News. We urge you to deny it immediately. Italian Health System staff have been working round the clock to save "all" human lives. @itvnews #COVID19"

But it took Dorries more than 12 hours to delete her tweet - and at the time of writing she does not appear to have issued any form of correction or apology.

Among the first to swallow Dorries' claptrap hook, line and sinker was former UKIP (now Tory) hatemonger Suzanne Evans, who presumably unclutched her pearls long enough to respond:

Dorries replied, compounding her idiocy by suggesting that the thing which wasn't in fact happening in Italy could soon happen here - her reply has also now been deleted, though it did actually seem to contain slightly more truth than her original tweet.

Inaccurate scaremongering aside, her tweet was addressed to a national news outlet, whom she presumably felt might find her fake information newsworthy. Fortunately they did not.

What is 'sobering' is the fact that ITV News also did not find such irresponsible behaviour from a government Health Minister 'newsworthy'...

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