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Nurse Censored After Blowing Whistle On MORE Out Of Date PPE?

A Bristol nurse who tweeted photos out of date PPE supplies still being given out to NHS staff has mysteriously vanished from the social media platform.

At 9.08am today, the account @MrBazJ, whose bio described him as a 'Proud NHS Nurse', posted images of PPE supplies he claimed were received today, clearly showing that original expiry dates, in 2016 and 2017, had been hidden with new stickers - one of which had just one day left, and one where even the new expiry date had passed 10 months ago.

He tweeted: "Are the #UKgov laughing at us? We need protection, not a flimsy attempt at shutting us up"

Just over an hour later, ITV journalist Harry Peet replied to the tweet, asking for an interview about the PPE situation. But shortly after, the tweet disappeared - then all the account's tweets disappeared - then the account itself vanished completely...

Of course, it may be that Baz has chosen to delete his account for some reason - possibly concern about potential repercussions at work, or media intrusion. We are trying to contact him via other social media platforms.

But censorship aside, the most disturbing thing about this story, to us, is that one of the replacement stickers showed an expiry date of 31 May 2019 - which would seem to indicate that the government has been re-dating expired NHS supplies since at least a year ago, long before anyone had ever heard of Covid19...

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