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“Is This The New Home For Socialism?”

On the 1st of June 2020, the International Socialist Guild (ISG) will open its first National Chapter here in the United Kingdom. Designed to provide a safe and secure space within which to organise, educate and network, ISG membership is available only to Socialists, who can join as private Guild members.

Ben Timberley, the ISG Founder commented:

“The ISG has been a long time coming. With ever increasing levels of harassment, persecution and interference in the affairs of Socialists around the world and in the UK; I felt it was time that Socialists had somewhere safe to organise within.”

Whilst its office is based in Derbyshire well away from the unhealthy ‘Westminster bubble’, the ISG will primarily be hosted in a secure online forum. The forum will be protected by technical AND legal defences, ensuring Guild member interactions remain private and unusable in any form by disruptive groups, which include political party compliance teams.

Mr Timberley added:

“In the UK we have solid laws on intellectual property theft. Sadly, the use of overseas social media platforms for political organising, and the lack of enforcement from the UK Information Commissioners Office to safeguard social media users personal data from being weaponised against them, has meant that a toxic mixture of surveillance and abuse has been deployed against Socialist activists to defeat their political objectives. The ISG aims to address this illegal abuse, and much more.”

The ISG community platform will provide highly skilled support networks for Socialist activists, including legal, nutrition, health, employment and housing support, amongst other areas. Also found within the ISG community platform will be a policy creation area, designed to allow Guild members to build a broad and radical consensus on key policy themes, which can then be promoted to all left-wing political parties for adoption in their manifestos.

A key pillar of the ISG is it’s educational programme, designed by left-wing academics and subject matter experts, to raise the typical level of education amongst Socialists on a variety of topics, all from a Socialist perspective.

On Socialist education Mr Timberley stated:

“It is sad that most allegedly left-wing organisations in the UK have utterly failed to educate their members on Socialism to a sufficient degree for them to be effective in its delivery. Political organisations especially have seen fit to take their members subscription fees, and give very little value back to them. The ISG will absolutely rectify this mistake.”

Socialists interested in joining the ISG are advised to email the ISG membership team on, or to visit the ISG website on or after the 1st of June to apply for membership. All one-year membership applications are subject to a £10 (inc VAT) fee, and basic identity checks. The ISG does not allow anonymous participation in its community. Terms & Conditions apply.

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