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A Warning To The UK. Keep Your Kids Off School. We Are Being Led By Donkeys.

Don't send your kids back to school on June 1st. Britain doesn't yet meet the criteria to start easing restrictions under the guidelines set out by the World Health Organisation - which say the infection rate must be under control. And it isn't.

There are 8000 new Covid-19 cases per day here in the UK - this has been estimated by Professor Jonathan Edmunds, a member of the government's own SAGE committee - the figures the government is pushing daily admit to only around 2000.

Over a three day period since schools reopened in South Korea, there were 177 new cases, which has led their government to reclose schools. There were 324 Covid-19 deaths here in the UK just yesterday - in South Korea, which has a similar population to the UK, there have been just 269 deaths in total. There have been 38,161 here...

Ignore the British government... Keep your kids at home. We are being led by donkeys.

At least five members of SAGE, and a reported similar number from its subsidiary groups, have said Covid-19 is still spreading too fast to lift lockdown restrictions. Teaching unions have begged the government to reconsider. Several councils have flatly refused to reopen their school. But the government isn't interested in listening to the science, or the unions, or the staff who care for the nation's children. They want to free up parents to jump-start Britain's economy.

In times of crisis money can be found. The government can easily afford to keep paying people's wages to stay at home until the infection rate is under control. At the end of this year the national debt has been forecast to reach 95.00% of GDP. It was 85.2% of GDP in 2019 before this pandemic. After the second world war the national debt was much higher at 250% of GDP. Yet we still found the money to form the NHS, create the welfare state, we nationalised the coal, iron, gas and electricity industries and also the railways. We spent billions on infrastructure to rebuild this country. Yet we are told there is no magic money tree today?

The welfare of the people of this country will always come second to the interests of Tory Party donors. Who have been urging Boris to start lifting restrictions and get the economy moving. The government locked down too late, and now they are taking a massive risk - with the health of your children, and the wider public - by lifting restrictions too early. It's a case of private wealth before public health.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the interests of the people and the interests of big business head to head. With a Tory government it's always the latter which is taken most seriously.

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