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'One Flew Over The Canary's Nest' - What Gnasher Jew 'Friend' John Arnott Did On

Some of us would be happy to use our summer break to catch up on a spot of DIY, read a few books, or just relax in the garden with a beer. But for self-styled ‘antisemitism warrior’ John Arnott, only one pastime would cut it – attempting to register his own trademark for a left-wing independent media outlet founded by a Jewish woman.

Followers of such things may remember that the Gnasher Jew Twitter account announced in May that it was ‘taking a break’. The detoxification of Twitter was too good to last, though - the account reappeared on June 30, having apparently deleted all its posts before that date (legal worries?).

But it seems even those few bile-free weeks were too much for Gnasher stalwart John Arnott, who is widely believed to be one of those operating the account. Gnasher Jew deny this – but the trademark image they use for their profile is registered to one John Arnott – and described by them on Twitter as ‘our’ trademark. So, draw your own conclusions...

He likes trademarks, does John. And especially those of left-wing media outlets. Last year he was accused of vexatiously registering a trademark for the logo of the organisation Labour Left Voice (and of being involved in the @MomentumGod Twitter troll account, which repeatedly abused and threatened its Jewish convenor, Sally Eason – but that’s another story).

But on 25 June, Arnott’s sabbatical-weary sights were set on The Canary, one of independent media’s most prominent outlets. He attempted to register his ‘trademark’ which featured black and yellow canaries and the wording ‘The Canary’ – as does the genuine Canary branding.

The uses to which he declared the trademark would be put were: ‘Hosting of digital content, namely, on-line journals and blogs’, ‘Publishing a newspaper for customers on the Internet’, and ‘News bulletins’ – the exact same services provided by The Canary, coincidentally...

The registration is listed as ‘withdrawn’. This can either mean that the applicant has filed a request to withdraw the application voluntarily, or has done so because the Hearing Officer failed to accept the trademark. It is unclear which is the case here – although on the government’s Intellectual Property Office website, it is listed as having been withdrawn some three weeks after ‘examination’, so it seems likely that the registration failed rather than being abandoned voluntarily.

What is it about left-wing Jewish women that gets John’s goat, we wonder...

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