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EHRC Refuses To Say When - Or If - Its 'Labour Antisemitism' Report Will Be Published

The Equality & Human Rights Commission has refused to say when its report into 'institutional antisemitism' in the Labour Party will be published - or even if it will ever see the light of day.

Although the Labour Party confirmed it had received a draft of the report in July, a Freedom of Information request by Twitter user Simon Maginn was rejected on the grounds that 'disclosure of a proposed publication date which may be subject to change does not serve the public interest'

This after admitting in their reply that the EHRC does hold the information requested - presumably indicating that there is at least a provisional date for publication. They just don't want to tell us what it is...

Simon tweeted yesterday:

Other left-wing social media accounts have expressed their disgust at the EHRC's point blank refusal, the prevalent opinion that the very existence of the inquiry, launched amid massive media coverage in May 2019, had 'done its job' in undermining jeremy Corbyn's Labour to the extent that it lost the General Election and led to his resignation as leader.

It is also widely believed that the reluctance to make the report public indicates that its findings do not fit the 'Labour is antisemitic' narrative trumpeted so regularly by the media over the last few years - which appears to strangely have stopped 'being news' since Spring 2020...

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