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People Before Profit - 'Empty-Plate A Tory' Protests Snowballing

The 'Empty-Plate A Tory' protests about the government's refusal to feed hungry children in the school holidays have been happening all over the country in the last few days.

From Southend to Darlington, people are leaving empty plates, many bearing angry messages, at the offices of Tory MPs who voted against extending the voucher scheme last week.

This weekend two protests are taking place in Wigan and Leigh, one at the offices of Leigh's Tory MP James Grundy, and another at Pemberton Conservative Club, Wigan.

The level of anger the issue has generated has seen queues of people waiting to leave their plates - some of them the very schoolchildren who have been denied meals.

And as the campaign grows, more and more events are planned - a simple search of 'plate protest' on Facebook came up with at least a dozen, including one at the offices of North Devon Tory MP Selaine Saxby, whose comments saying the hundreds of businesses offering free meals should not be getting government support sparked fury on social media.

This isn't going away.


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