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Forde Report 'Rewritten To Protect The Guilty?

The findings of the Forde Inquiry into last year's leaked Labour report have been rewritten and watered down in order to protect high-profile figures within the Labour Party, it has been alleged.

The Prole Star has received information from a source within Labour, who claims that the report's original draft implicated several prominent figures including at least one current Shadow Cabinet member in the bullying, racism and sabotage within the party detailed in the leaked report. Rather than laying the leaked report to bed, it is alleged that the Forde findings showed even worse behaviour, some by people who have subsequently been paid off to settle court action.

The Forde Report had been scheduled for release in autumn 2020, but was delayed, then promised by the end of December, then delayed again, with a tenuous new publication date given as 'sometime in early 2021'.

An investigation by Middle East Eye has already revealed that the inquiry's original terms of reference and areas of focus had been altered in ways that would significantly reduce its ability to confirm and examine the activities of Labour staff and politicians which were contained in the leaked report.

The source claims that the original Forde findings were so damning that the positions of those implicated would be untenable, and says the rewrite has been done with the full knowledge of, if not under instructions from, party leader Keir Starmer and General Secretary David Evans, whose position remains unratified by Party Conference, and whose frankly Stalinist approach to members has led to votes of No Confidence from CLPs all over the UK.

Keir Starmer's first 10 months as Labour leader have been tainted by accusations of appeasement and toadying to the Tory government, but they began with the leaked report and his efforts to expunge it from being available online with threats of legal action. Ten months later, the only legal action around is being taken against the Labour Party by Jeremy Corbyn and a raft of suspended and purged members.

To be seen to try and stifle yet another report might be the final straw that breaks the back of his leadership entirely. In any event, the continual delays have led many to believe, quite reasonably, that it has been held back because it does not say what Starmer and Evans wanted it to say. Yet...

Angry Labour members and activists have taken to social media to demand the publication of the Forde Report, and left members of the NEC have asked that it be published by 31 January. Whether it will be remains to be seen...


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