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#ItWasAScam - "A Political Scandal So Big You Could See It From Space"

I’ve had a stalker on Twitter for the last 12 months or so which has finally, after months of complaints from scores of people, been shut down. It claimed to be my ‘back up’ account, used my profile pictures, posted abusive and insulting posts about me and my followers, and attempted to confuse people about which was the genuine account.

It did all this, because it couldn’t defeat the facts. And the reason it couldn’t defeat the facts is because they’re facts - they’re reality, and you can’t defeat reality, because it’s just there.

#ItWasAScam simply asserts that reality exists. That’s pretty much the whole claim: there is such a thing as reality, facts about that reality can be ascertained, and those facts can be expressed in words. It starts small, so small in fact that you have to look closely to see it.

Did former Labour Party MP and Corbyn ally Chris Williamson, for instance, say the Labour Party had been ‘too apologetic for antisemitism’? Well, he certainly said ‘too apologetic’, but what about the ‘for antisemitism’ bit? Did he say that? The answer, you will be entirely unsurprised to hear, is no, he did not. The words ‘too apologetic’ refer to something else altogether, namely towards those, earlier in the sentence, who would ‘demonise’ the party as a ‘racist, bigoted party’.

The words ‘for antisemitism’ were inserted into his speech by BBC’s Nick Robinson. Robinson literally invented them. This is where it starts to get bigger. BBC, our ‘impartial’ state broadcaster, made a wholly false accusation against a (then) sitting, democratically elected left MP, which led ultimately to him losing his seat.

OK, BBC made a mistake, so what? But this is no mistake: Nick Robinson’s tweet was taken all the way through BBC’s labyrinthine complaints procedure, right up to a final appeal to the Director-General as Editor-in-Chief, and at every stage the tweet was passed as OK. It was ‘accurate’ and ‘impartial’, according to BBC, despite being an obvious, howling fraud a child could see through in three minutes. Nick Robinson's tweet is still up today.

Well OK, but that’s just one broadcaster? Again, no: this was all media, broadcast and print, state and commercial. They all did it, without any exception. Williamson was accused of saying Labour had been ‘too apologetic for antisemitism’ by the entirety of our media.

Alright, starting to get bigger, but that’s just one accusation…. I’ve compiled a list of ten such frauds, (link), all of them carried by our media without question, all of them transparently fraudulent. Starting to get big now?

How about if these frauds had been going on without anyone - anyone at all - even thinking it appropriate to question them, for years? How about if they significantly affected the results of two General Elections and dominated the news agenda about the Labour Party for six years, thus distorting our democracy to such an extent that people started to notice we haven’t actually got one?

Big enough now? What starts with Chris Williamson being misquoted by two words ends up with the entire UK media establishment credibly accused of a monstrous and systematic conspiracy against the truth, against our democracy, and, more specifically, against the left.

This is what #ItWasAScam is saying: it simply says, ‘Well will you look at this. What do you make of it?’ And what we make of it is a political scandal so big you could see it from space.

Except no-one sees it at all, because no-one talks about it. Not the BBC, not the Guardian, not anyone. The omertà is total. This is why #ItWasAScam exists: to talk about it, which is what we do and what we’re going to continue doing. Every day. Join us. #ItWasAScam


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