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Labour Members Issue 'Notice Of Non-Cooperation' To Starmer, Evans

Labour members have issued a 'Notice of Non-Cooperation' to Keir Starmer and the NEC, demanding an end to the ongoing Stalinist purge and gagging of CLPs being implemented by unratified General Secretary David Evans and the party leadership.

Hundreds have already signed the notice in a petition launched by the Labour in Exile Network (LIEN), formed by suspended members and CLP officers to challenge the current authoritarian behaviour of Evans and his supporters. Since LIEN's launch just over a month ago, the network has a growing following on social media - one unlikely 'supporter' being Keir Starmer's social media 'spy' former Israeli 'intelligence officer' Assaf Kaplan, who was following both their Facebook page and Twitter account until steps were taken to block him.

Signatories to the notice have pledged to withdraw their cooperation with party officials, and refuse to comply with any instructions they consider unfair, until their demands are met.

This will doubtless include refusal to be involved in campaigning for Labour in the runup to the May elections, at a time when the party is struggling to attract campaigners, and in some areas, even candidates.

Members can add their signatures here.

The text of the notice reads as follows:


We the undersigned members of the Labour Party demand:

  • the restoration of the whip to Jeremy Corbyn;

  • the reinstatement of all Labour Party members wrongly suspended or expelled since the appointment of the current general secretary;

  • a review of all previous suspensions and expulsions imposed during the previous leadership;

  • a root and branch reform of the deeply flawed complaints and disciplinary processes of the party;

  • and an immediate restoration of the right of constituency parties to freely discuss and pass motions on political issues as they see fit.

Until these demands are met we will pursue a policy of non-cooperation with the party’s general secretary, regional officials and the governance and legal unit, and we will absolutely refuse to comply with any advice, guidance or instructions from any of the above which we consider unfair and discriminatory.

As members of the Labour movement we are taking immediate, collective action in solidarity with our comrades who have been unfairly punished.

Get involved in Labour in Exile Network (LIEN)!

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