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Labour Officials Purge Yet Another Elected Left Candidate

The purge of left-wing Labour members continues. Andrea Bradley - the former candidate for Bentley and Darlaston - has been deselected despite being democratically elected by her local branch in September 2019.

Andrea, a Momentum member and supporter of former party leader Jeremy Corbyn received an email from Labours West Midlands Regional Office, telling her a complaint that had been made regarding the original selection had been upheld. A short selection process then took place without the knowledge of the local branch, Constituency Labour Party or Local Campaign Forum. The democratic decision of the branch was then overturned by Region in favour of the incumbent sitting councillor Angela Underhill.

Just a month ago, the official Labour Party website was advertising for volunteers to phonebank for Andrea...

Andrea has told The Prole Star she believes it was done at short notice to prevent her from taking legal action. She also believes that a senior local figure - who she didn't want to name at this stage - was the instigator. Stating "There is more I could say about this but can't say more as I am fearful of further punitive action, which might follow."

Andrea had spent the last 18 months campaigning, which included the distribution of thousands of leaflets and knocking on hundreds of doors. And had even gone part-time at work so she could commit more time.

Andrea believes that the basis of it all was her Momentum membership and that she is a supporter of former leader Jeremy Corbyn.

In a Facebook post which has been widely shared Andrea Wrote "This whole saga shows the complete contempt with which our membership is treated. The total disregard for democracy."

A Facebook user commented "It's things like what's happened to Andrea Bradley that made me leave the Labour Party after 40 years of campaigning. They won't be getting my vote at the next election that's for sure. The Northern Independence Party get my vote."


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