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Palestine Action Paint Twickenham With 'Blood' Ahead Of Arms Fair

Defying security measures, Palestine Action left a chilling mark on Twickenham Stadium just hours before an arms fair, symbolically protesting Israel's involvement in the Gaza conflict.

In a daring move, Palestine Action activists painted Twickenham Stadium in blood red on Monday, sending a powerful message ahead of Defence IQ's 'International Armoured Vehicles' expo. The event, touted as the ultimate meeting ground for the armoured community, played host to Israeli weapons trade giants, Elbit Systems Ltd, Elbit Systems UK, and state-owned arms manufacturer Rafael.

Palestine Action has already succeeded in blocking operations at several Elbit plants around the UK, with more in sight as the company continues to provide arms to Israel.

Based in Haifa, Israel, Elbit Systems Ltd stands accused of manufacturing a significant portion of Israel's military arsenal, including 85% of drones, land-based military equipment, small-calibre ammunition, and various munitions and surveillance technologies. Amidst the Gaza conflict, where over 25,000 Palestinians have lost their lives, Elbit's CEO acknowledged the company's role in the genocide, earning gratitude from the Israeli military.

Palestine Action, active for over three years, has consistently disrupted Elbit's operations, targeting manufacturing sites in Shenstone, Tamworth, Kent, Bristol, and Leicester. The blood-red protest at Twickenham serves as a stark reminder of the Palestinian bloodshed linked to the showcased weaponry.

Notable companies participating in the Twickenham Arms Fair included Thales, Elbit's partner in the UAV-Tactical-Systems drone plant, along with firms like Leonardo, BAE Systems, and Teledyne, implicated in facilitating Israel's actions.

A spokesperson for Palestine Action expressed disdain for inviting Israeli arms dealers as "guests of honour" during a time when their weaponry has clearly contributed to the Gaza genocide. The group vows to persist in their efforts, ensuring Israeli war criminals find no refuge, while challenging governments to confront the brutality they seemingly ignore.


EDITOR'S NOTE: I would just like to point out the absolute, chilling HORROR of calling an event that is solely about making money from the means of killing people, human beings, more efficiently, a 'FAIR'! Fairs are places people go to to have fun, where children laugh - not where children are blown to pieces for money and 26,000 lie dead...


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