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Rifkind Claims Starmer’s ‘Having A Good Gaza War’ – Voters Beg To Differ…

Although dubious hack Hugo Rifkind claims ‘Whisper it, but Keir Starmer is Having A Good War’ his assertion is not backed by the facts of what the public really thinks of his conduct throughout Israel’s horrific war on Gaza.

Starmer's handling of Labour's response to the Gaza conflict has drawn widespread criticism, raising doubts about his leadership both within the party and beyond.

Granted, the majority of the article was Hugo jumping on the bandwagon to attack Galloway, who he childishly describes as “smirking in Rochdale like a cat who got the cream and who this time didn’t even have to lick it, mewling, from the cupped hands of Rula Lenska” – the rest was just plain tripe, according to the British voter.

The public, though doubtless Hugo would rather ignore their actual opinions for the sake of a Starmer-loving article, thinks Starmer is doing a shockingly bad job of handing the Gaza genocide.

“Does it hurt Starmer for his foes on the left — the ones who call him an enabler of Zionist genocide — to be contaminated by association with a man such as this? I don’t think so” wrote the hapless Hugo, freshly returned from a panel at Jewish Book Week, where the fear and hurt betrayal among the Jewish community was stark”

“On both sides, Starmer’s opponents want him to do the same thing, and he has been staunch in not doing it. To his left, most would like to see protests supported and defended, perhaps even joined. Many would also like to see Binyamin Netanyahu denounced for his war, perhaps much as Bashar al-Assad and Vladimir Putin were denounced for theirs”

Apparently being staunch about not doing the right thing is ‘having a good war’ according to Hugo, but wait…for the chap actually thinks (well, claims to ‘genuinely’ think) Starmer’s in the right!

“It helps that Starmer’s position on Gaza is the right one” he coos, “Starmer cannot get Gaza right, because nobody can. But he could get Gaza badly wrong. So far, he has not”

He even says it, then goes on to claim the opposite: “Recent polling data…paints a bleak picture of Starmer's management of the Gaza conflict, indicating growing discontent among Labour supporters”. And others, according to the polling – even among Tories, whose votes Starmer is trying to attract.

The truth of the matter isn’t ‘out there’, it’s right there in front of Hugo, son of Thatcherite Malcolm Rifkind, who must be grievously disappointed in his child, after spending so much money privately educating the lad.

A YouGov survey conducted just days before Rifkind’s piece unveiled a significant decline in public confidence in Starmer's approach to Labour's response to the Gaza conflict.

Only a mere 14% of Britons believe Starmer has effectively handled the issue, a four-point decrease since late October.

In stark contrast, a whopping 52% now criticise his poor handling, marking a staggering ten-point increase. Even among 2019 Labour voters, Starmer's response garners little support, leaving the majority deeply dissatisfied.

Strikingly, dissatisfaction with Starmer's stance cuts across sympathies – he is seen as having managed the issue poorly by people of all views on the Gaza conflict: 67% of those who sympathise primarily with the Palestinians say so, as do 69% of those who sympathise most with the Israelis, and 53% of those who sympathise with both sides equally.

Rishi Sunak's performance receives a slightly better reception, with 40% of 2019 Tories approving of his handling. Nevertheless, the majority of the public (52%) also disapprove of Sunak's approach to the Gaza conflict.

Polling also shows divergent views on Starmer's alignment on the Israel-Palestine issue. While 20% of Britons perceive him as too pro-Israel, a mere 9% believe he's been too pro-Palestine. A massive 52% ‘don’t know’ – testament in itself that Starmer is not ‘having a good war’.

Among current Labour voters, 27% criticise Starmer for being too pro-Israel, while 31% argue he's failed to strike the right balance.

As scrutiny mounts over Starmer's handling of the Gaza conflict, doubts linger about his leadership and the Labour Party's electoral prospects – and incidentally, Hugo Rifkind’s sanity.

Recent data suggests a solid trend of dissatisfaction among both Labour supporters and the wider public. As pressure intensifies, Starmer faces an uphill battle to address concerns and regain trust, lest his leadership falters further.

I mean, even Mandy, who loves Starmer, thinks he’s too fat…


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