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US Judge Considers Suit Accusing Biden Of Failing To Stop Genocide

In a landmark legal battle unfolding in Oakland, California, a federal judge is considering action against US President Joe Biden, who stands accused by a group of American Palestinians and aid organisations of failing to prevent genocide in Gaza. His decision is expected in a few days’ time.

A federal judge in Oakland, California is presiding over a lawsuit accusing President Joe Biden of negligence in preventing genocide in Gaza. The plaintiffs, desperate to halt the loss of lives in their homeland, filed the lawsuit as a last resort against multiple attempts by the Biden administration to dismiss the case.

US District Judge Jeffrey S White, despite bids to block this, allowed a live hearing. It included powerful testimonies from witnesses, among them Dr. Omar al-Najjar:

"I have nothing left but my grief … They weakened us for years and continued to unleash bullets and missiles on our lifeless bodies," said Najjar from a Gaza hospital, the first among several Palestinians to testify.

The plaintiffs seek an injunction to stop military aid to Israel in its Gaza siege, where over 25,000 Palestinians, including 10,000 children, have perished.

"In 27 years, this is the most difficult case to have come before this court in terms of facts and law" said Judge White,

“This is the most difficult judicial decision in my life”

"Testimonies we heard were horrifying and gut-wrenching," he continued.

"To the [Palestinian] witnesses we heard today... I say you have been seen and heard… I will study your testimonies and the law and fulfill my constitutional obligation… this is the most difficult judicial decision in my life and I will take it with the utmost seriousness"

Laila el-Haddad, a Palestinian American plaintiff, sees the case as a significant victory, emphasising the inability to dismiss genocide easily. For some, it's a final attempt to curb Israel's actions, while globally, the legal battle intensifies, with South Africa accusing Israel of genocide in Gaza at the International Court of Justice.

"I promised myself and my family, who are currently scattered throughout the Gaza Strip enduring immense hardship, that I would do everything in my power as a tax-paying American citizen tohelp and put an end to this ongoing Israeli genocide that is being funded by our government" she said of the court case, "That's how I see my oarticipation".

As the judge contemplates his decision in the coming days, the Oakland case intertwines with international efforts to address Israel's military campaign. The plaintiffs' struggle in the US resonates globally, shedding light on the complex dynamics surrounding the world's largest supporter of Israel and its military.


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