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Want your voice heard? Are you a blogger? Get involved with The Prole Star today.

Do you debate Politics or Football on forums or social media? Or perhaps you discuss Fashion or even Motorsport? Whatever your area of interest writing for The Prole Star could be for you.


Do you have a popular following receiving a lot of attention on your posts? Do you aspire to be a professional writer or perhaps it’s just a hobby? Or maybe you haven’t given it much thought, but you clearly have the ability to write?


We are a small team of writers from a range of backgrounds from law to logistics and we are looking for people to get involved with us today.


If you want to gain recognition for your writing and get your voice out there, then writing for The Prole Star could be a great place to start.


The Prole Star has already been noticed as a source of independent media. Causing controversy with the right wing pressure group Labour First, but also being praised by journalists from sections of the mainstream media.


If you would like to write for us it’s as simple as logging in to our new members area introducing 

yourself and making a submission.


We look forward to working with you.



Kevin John Maguire is a British political journalist, currently associate editor at the Daily Mirror newspaper. Earlier in his career Maguire was chief reporter for The Guardian. Wikipedia

Labour First is a pressure group representing right of The Labour Party.  ...

Christopher Williamson is a British Labour politician who has been the member of parliament (MP) for Derby North from 9 June 2017

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