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Jeremy Hunt - A Cornered Dog

A cornered dog bites hardest, but whimpers all the same.’

As demand rises for his resignation, it seems that Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is about to hang his own noose. It will soon be public that ‘Mr Impotent’ threatens to fine doctors who plan to leave the NHS, imposing financial penalties on those who are tired of this poor decisions and their repercussions. This may appear like an act of strength, but like the frightened bite of a cornered dog, this is little more than fear. I would feel sorry for him, but he’s been a bad boy and I grow tired of his leavings.

Jeremy Hunt is losing. He has been exposed in court as having no power to impose his contract. More and more are baying for public inquiry into his alleged multiple misconducts, the end result of which will be his termination. His policies are laughable and his soundbites tired. His grasp of evidence is embarrassing and his ignorance exemplary. At the worst his motivations are sinister. How could a man so apparently clever be so wrong? Or perhaps breaking the NHS was his intention all along? Questions are being asked and you can see the panic forming cracks in his stony demeanour.

His recent promise to ‘stop relying on EU doctors’ seems absolutely delusional (and to be honest quite offensive, would you think a foreign doctor any less qualified?) In the context of his dangerous new contract, doctors leaving in mounting numbers and Brexit reducing workforce immigration, the NHS is facing the worst staffing crisis in years.

If it wasn’t for his clear inability to recognise emotional reasoning and his curiously psychopathic approach to problem solving I’d think him insane. But now his plan is clear, fining us for leaving. Knowing he cannot reason with us, or trick us into accepting his lies, he uses the only weapon he knows, bullying and intimidation.

Perhaps it is with this in mind that he makes the most monumentally stupid move of his career. He is about to try and enslave doctors to save his own skin. He knows that we are not stupid, we know his plans are dangerous. He knows we will not tolerate them for long. And he fears his plans failing. So he tries to enslave us, scared of the eventuality that his failures will be made public and his lies no longer defended. More than anything, he fears that one day he will no longer be above us, and have to explain himself to men and women much greater than he will ever be. Poor little puppy


Now I will be frank. To paraphrase comedian Frankie Boyle, Hunt can never understand normal people. He is just too elite. He grew in riches, attended the finest schools and moves in aristocratic circles. It likely bewilders him that people could reject his ideas. Such a gasp would shatter his silver spoon upon the parliamentary floor. He thinks that his power buys him respect, that his stature buys him appeal, that his office affords him immortality. Now we have found his real delusion.

The public has little time for those who stand against its heroes. And mark my words, for every news article that paints us as mercenary or greedy, there are a million people who thank the NHS, its doctors, nurses and others for saving their lives and those they love. These people rely on the exhaustive work of NHS staff to live their lives, grasping hands in the darkest moments.

The Public has not fallen for your tricks Mr Hunt. You threaten NHS staff, you threaten the public too.

Try making slaves Jeremy, and see how quickly immortality is met with reality. Remember what happens to bad dogs

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