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Jewish Chronicle Accused Of Antisemitism

The Prole Star can exclusively reveal that the Jewish Chronicle is the subject of a complaint to the Independent Press Standards Organisation, alleging that a recent article they published is antisemitic.

We have been contacted by a member of the public who had serious concerns about the content of a piece by Lee Harpin, and has forwarded us a copy of his complaint to IPSO.

The article is an attack on a member of the Charedi Jewish community, Shraga Stern, who earlier this week made a complaint to the Labour Party in which he accused MP Margaret Hodge of being prejudiced against him. This followed her reaction to his meeting in Parliament with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn - a regular target for criticism in the Chronicle.

It describes him as 'an anti-LGBT education activist', and references his support for the protests outside Birmingham schools by parents complaining about the sex education their children might receive. But Mr Stern has stated that he is not in any way anti-LGBT, rather he simply wants his community to be allowed to teach its children according to Charedi Orthodox tradition.

The complainant to IPSO, who wishes to remain anonymous, believes that the article was an unacceptable slur on Mr Stern simply for practising his beliefs as a member of a particular Jewish sect, and therefore constitutes an antisemitic attack both on him and on the entire Charedi Jewish community.

Mr Harpin is no stranger to controversy; he was arrested in 2015 in in relation to allegations of phone hacking at the Mirror, and is a regular contributor of articles attacking the Labour party over alleged antisemitism, for which he has been frequently criticised by the wider party membership.

The Jewish Chronicle has published a large number or articles condemning what they claim to be 'antisemitism' within Labour - a good many contributed by Mr Harpin himself.

The complaint is pictured below. At the time of writing IPSO have not yet responded.

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