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Calls For Watson To Resign After Antisemitism Complaint

Tom Watson is facing calls to resign the Labour whip following a formal complaint to the party, accusing him of antisemitism for using what is described as 'the oldest antisemitic trope', linking Jews to the killing of Jesus, in a post on his website.

The complaint, by leading Jewish historian and journalist Professor Geoffrey Alderman, was revealed exclusively by the Skwawkbox earlier today, and dozens of Labour members have since called for his immediate suspension or resignation.

Several mentioned apparent differences in the way complaints of antisemitism are dealt with, depending on who is being complained about - a reasonable enough argument considering the massive media coverage when Chris Williamson was accused, compared with the virtual blanket silence following accusations against 'moderate' MPs.

"It seems that allegations of antisemitism against Tom Watson & Margaret Hodge gets treated more discreetly than lefties. Is there a two two tier investigation procedure ? It seems so" said one.

Others have said they will be making complaints of their own after reading Professor Alderman's email to Labour General Secretary Jennie Formby, pictured below.

"It's only recently that Tom Watson was calling for automatic exclusion for Labour members accused of antisemitism" said one Labour member planning to lodge a complaint.

"By his own logic, he should immediately exclude himself after being accused of the same thing. For him to remain in place as Deputy Leader, and as a Labour MP and member, is utter hypocrisy. He must resign the whip"

Another allegation was recently made against Margaret Hodge by Charedi Jewish activist Shraga Stern; the Jewish Chronicle was also the subject of an antisemitism complaint to IPSO following its attack on him.

At least one Labour member has contacted the NEC demanding to know why both Watson and Hodge have not been suspended by the party pending investigation into the complaints against them.

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