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Tory MP Anderson Allows Dawn Butler Death Threat On His FB Page

Ashfield Tory MP Lee Anderson has apparently condoned a death threat to Labour MP Dawn Butler, after describing her complaint of racial profiling against the Metropolitan Police as 'nonsense'.

Anderson shared a piece from the Evening Standard on his personal Facebook page with the comment "Don't you just get fed up with this nonsense", inciting a torrent of replies abusing and attacking Dawn from his fan base.

The most serious was from his constutuent 'Jackson AP', who said:

"In the good old days of the British Empire she would be taken outside and shot, pity we can't do that today, I can think of several People (sic) we could do without"

Another, Suzanne Pickersgill, replied:

"Yes Lee I am fed up with it. All this BLM and racist stuff would completely disappear if only the black people would shut up about it"

And presumably pseudonymous account 'Spiggy Topes' seemed to be sharing a widespread problem for Tory MPs - that of apparently being unable to tell one black female MP from another, and confused Ms Butler with her colleague Kate Osamor.

These and other replies were, at the time of writing, still visible on Mr Anderson's Facebook page

While clearly he cannot be held responsible for what others say, the MP, who describes his social media as "One of the most complained about by the liberal left" has given the racist threats and abuse his tacit approval by not removing the replies from his page.

The threat has been reported to Facebook.

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